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We would Love to hear from you! 

We'd Love to hear from you!

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Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women
P. O. Box 15131, Monroe, LA 71207

2019-2021 Board of Directors

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Standing Committee
Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Chair Delia Flynn (318) 640-3109 deliaflynn@msn.com
Finance ChairVacant  
Individual Development Chair Vacant
Legislation and Issues Management ChairLisamarie Brandon (504) 452-8600 vicepresident@bpwlouisiana.org
Membership Chair Angie Jackson-Wilson (318) 348-1681 treasurer@bpwlouisiana.org
Nominations Chair Sheila Clark-Mims (318) 547-9395 mims307@bellsouth.net
Public Relations Chair Harriett Haworth (504) 701-3270 haworthdesigns@yahoo.com
Young Careerists Chair Vacant

Special Appointments
Auditor Pat Moses Howard (337) 477-7989 patmoses2@bellsouth.net
Agnes Morris Educational Scholarship Chair Linda Burns (318) 308-7625 amesfchair@bpwlouisiana.org
Chaplain Gwen Amelin (318) 372-7816 gwena@arcomonroe.org
Esther Terry Nike Award Chair Linda Burns (318) 308-7625 lindab2@centurytel.net
Equal Rights and Pay Equity Chair Camille Moran (318) 357-0748 camillemoran@gmail.com
Events Planning Committee Angie Jackson-Wilson (318) 348-1681 treasurer@bpwlouisiana.org
Historian Vacant
Parliamentarian Frances Jakes (318) 237-2894parliamentarian@bpwlouisiana.org
Past President 1st YearWanda Alcon (504) 451-6934wandaalcon@gmail.com
Past President 2nd Year Gwen Amelin (318) 372-7816 gwena@arcomonroe.org
Past President 3rd Year Harriet Haworth (504) 701-3270haworthdesigns@yahoo.com
Pelican Editor Vacant
Rules and Resolutions Chair

Webmaster Vicki Crist (318) 548-5752 uccvlc@yahoo.com
District Directors
Southeast Rene Hollins (504) 810-3639 rthhol05@att.net
Southwest Central Linda Burns (318) 308-7625 lindab2@centurytel.net
Pat Moses Howard (337) 477-7989 patmoses2@bellsouth.net
Local Presidents
Alexandria Delia Flynn (318) 640-3109 deliaflynn@msn.com
Lake Charles Pat Moses Howard (337) 477-7989 patmoses2@bellsouth.net
Metairie-Kenner Harriett Haworth (504) 701-3270 haworthdesigns@yahoo.com
Monroe West MonroeAngie Jackson-Wilson (318) 348-1681 angiejwilson@gmail.com
New Orleans Rene Hollins (504) 810-3639rthhol05@att.net
Oakdale Linda Burns (318) 308-7625 lindab2@centurytel.net
St. Bernard Claudette Reuther (504) 884-6403claudettereuther@aol.com

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P. O. Box 15131
Monroe, LA 71207

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