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  • 2013 Esther Terry Nike Award winner Judy Wilson, PSP, State Public Relations Chair, and Monroe-West Monroe member
  • 2013 Esther Terry Nike Award nominations chair Marie Eddelmon of Alexandria, and 2013 Nike Award winner Judy Wilson of Monroe-West Monroe
  • Luncheon Speakers (l to r) BJ Gallent, Julie Firment, Jayne Wright-Velez, and Sandy Ray, with Linda Burns, PSP and State Secretary
  • Members enjoying the luncheon - Martha Gremillion, Glenda Prechac, Wanda Ishmael, Corvette Kowalski, and Kaaren Montgomery-Grimes
  • Members enjoying the luncheon - Angie Jackson-Wilson, Gwen Amelin, Laverne George, Katrina Branson, and Cynthia Cuttino-Edwards
  • President Delia Flynn and Parliamentarian Glenda Prechac
  • Secretary Linda Burns and Webmaster Katrina Branson
  • Jefferson Parish LO President Harriet Haworth and Lake Charles member Pat Moses-Howard, PSP
  • Kaaren Montgomery-Grimes, Wanda Ishmael, and Marie Eddelmon at the business meeting
  • President Delia Flynn and Secretary Linda Burns
  • Treasurer Angie Jackson-Wilson and Vice President Cynthia Cuttino Edwards
  • Pat Moses-Howard never fails to disappoint with her table decorations!
  • Meeting attendees recite the BPW Collect at the start of the business meeting
  • Wanda Alcon, Martha Gremillion, and Cynthia Ryckaert at the business meeting
  • Laverne George, Gwen Amelin, Angie Jackson-Wilson, and Cynthia Cuttino Edwards at the business meeting
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