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                                  LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT


Welcome to our website. Welcome to BPW Louisiana. This year marks the 100th year of advocacy for Louisiana working women. When approached to take on the role of President, I wondered what theme would unite us, pull us together because there is so much divisiveness in the news lately, and yet I find there's so much more power in numbers. So from Navigating the Waters, I ask  the question-what would empower us? What do we need to be successful? What might help us toward that goal? I thought we might need some keys. Keys help us unlock doors. They open new opportunities. We always keep our keys. Without keys we'd be in a pickle - locked out. Have you ever lost your keys? That's when you're no longer in control. You're stuck. So let's maneuver from that vantage point. We could use some keys. Thus the theme was born:   Keys to Success

First key to success I'd like to share is tenacity. When the Louisiana Legislature fails to pass one of our bills, our PSP Camille Moran doesn't throw in the towel, she doubles down. You got those emails too. Yet she kept pushing, encouraging us to regroup and try again. That's tenacity. I admire that. Tenacity - defined as the quality/fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip it! Also defined as Persistence, Determination, Perseverance, Strength of purpose, Doggedness (I have another word for this if you can imagine), Tirelessness, Resolve, Stubbornness. Tenacity is a noun: quality to hold fast. So take this first key, if you will and use it at your will. Stay tuned. There will be more keys to success as the months go by.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this great organization ONE MORE TIME. Let's have a great year! 

A special thank you to my husband of 26 years, First Gentleman Gilbert Edwards. Your love and support means the world to me.

A special thank you to my sister Pamela Cuttino McLaurin of Lumber Bridge, North Carolina and my brother Retired Sergeant Major Christopher Allan Cuttino of Woodbridge, Virginia. I am overjoyed that you could be here at this special milestone and special occasion. Your love and support mean everything to me.

Last but not least, giving honor to the Ancestors who still love and watch over us all. And to a Higher Power that blesses us all.  

Thank you,

Best Personal Wishes, 

Cynthia Cuttino Edwards, PhD, DCH, LCSW

2018-2019 State Federation President

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