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                                  LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

Wow!!  I am still recovering from the excitement of Mid-Year Board and if you missed it, you missed a treat!  Thank you to all of our members, guest and a special thanks to our panelist, Katrina Branson, Denise Cloud-Miller, Dr. Erin Reuther, and Dawn Russell.  What about those moderators... Angie Jackson-Wilson and Lisamarie Brandon, our own celebrities to guide us through this panel of information and learning? Congratulations to our Esther Terry NIKE Award Winner, PSP Wanda Alcon...well deserved!  

We are strong; we are powerful, we are knowledgeable; we are resilient; we are the members of the Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women and we are on the move to great things! Come join us!

Gwen Amelin, President


Greetings and welcome to the new Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW) year!

The past year has been like no other we have experienced-a year of losses for some, but, also, a year of community as well as exposure of remaining inequities in our nation.

This year’s theme is “Reigniting the Fire-Burning the Boats for Equity and Change.” The term “burning the boats” comes from a historical moment where a leader had as the paramount mission, the taking of an island where failure was not an option and burned the boats upon arrival at the island to remove any option of retreat.

Our mission is centered around advocacy for the needs of women in pay equity, in gender parity, and in support of women-led business-both from an entrepreneurial perspective and in the day-to-day workplace. To this end, our mission, also focuses on the support needs of women- to bring awareness of the needs for child-care options, work-life balance, and personal skills for self-advocacy.

This year the focus will be on reigniting the passionate fire of equity and change for our generation and the generations to come.

So, burn your boats and let us commit through advocacy, support, and action to take the island from the purveyors of inequity!

Laurel Rogers

2021-2022 State Federation President

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