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Louisiana Federation of 
business & PROFESSIONAL women

Louisiana Federation of 
business & PROFESSIONAL wom
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Legislation and Issues Management


As business, professional women we know the importance of advocating for women's rights and overall progression.  


Legislative Mission Statement

The mission of the Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. is to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information. LABPW’s vision is to be the leading advocate for working women. The Alice Paul Equal Rights Amendment shall stand first, foremost, and above all other items which may appear on the state platform of this Federation until equal, legal rights for women and men become guaranteed in the United States Constitution, because all statutory law derives there from.

The Alice Paul Equal Rights Amendment

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

BPW LA Legislative Platform

Legislative Platform 2022-2023.pdf



Louisiana is one of only 15 states that has not yet adopted the Equal Rights Amendment.  



Each year, BPW/USA members & advocates across the country organize Equal Pay Day activities & events in April to bring attention to the issue of pay inequity.  


Top Reasons We Need the ERA in the Constitution

To provide—once and for all—what most people in the U.S. already think we have: equal rights for women and men under the law.

To end the hypocrisy of advocating full constitutional rights for women abroad without providing them in the Constitution of the United States.

To correct the historic subjugation of women in common law, in the original U.S. Constitution, and in the Supreme Court’s rulings that interpret the equal protection clause as not fully applicable to sex discrimination.

To ensure that the rights of American women and girls will not be diminished by any Congress or any political trend but be preserved as the given basic rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

To put the weight of the U.S. Constitution behind employment laws relating to the prevention of sex discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions, and benefits—especially in the area of public service.

To guarantee in the United States and in all 50 states, full and equal rights for women and girls in public education.

To ensure that government programs, such as social security, Medicare, and Medicaid, do not disadvantage women.

To remove barriers to women in the armed services. Women who are risking their lives and well-being should also not be closed out of promotions and jobs simply because of their sex.

To guarantee equality in government-funded health research for women as compared to men.

To guarantee equal footing for women in the legal systems of all 50 states, especially where women have historically been treated as second-class citizens, such as in family law, insurance, education, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

    How to Contact Your Legislators

    U.S. Representatives

    1st District Steve Scalise Republican

    2nd District Troy Carter Democrat

    3rd District Clay Higgins Republican

    4th District Mike Johnson Republican

    5th District Julia Letlow Republican

    6th District Garret Graves Republican

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