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Louisiana Federation of 
business & PROFESSIONAL women

Louisiana Federation of 
business & PROFESSIONAL wom
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Esther Terry NIKE® Award

The Esther Terry NIKE Award is BPW/LA’s way of honoring an outstanding member for her contributions to the State Federation, her Local Organization, and her community.  It is our most prestigious award.  This award will be presented at the Mid‐Year Board Meeting in January. 


1. No NIKE Award recipient will be an eligible nominee for this award and only one nominee from each local organization will be accepted for judging. 

2. The nominee must be a member of BPW/LA in good standing.  If the nominee is a member of a Local Organization, the nominee is to be selected and endorsed by the members of her local organization, as she will represent her LO and be recognized at the Mid Year Board Meeting as a Nike Nominee. 

3. Nominations must be submitted in written summary format.  The written nomination summary cannot exceed 5 typewritten pages and/or take longer than 15 minutes to read during the presentation of the award. 

4. The name of the nominee must not appear on the written summary but shall be included in the cover letter attached to the nomination summary. 

5. All Nike Nominee names will be read at the presentation at the Mid Year Board Meeting. 

Selection of the NIKE Winner:  Three persons, outstanding in their professional careers will be chosen by the Nike Chair to serve as judges.  They will be acknowledged as having served in this capacity.  At least one judge should be a BPW member from outside the Louisiana Federation.

Criteria:   The following criteria will be used in judging the written summary of each nominee: 

I. Offices held in BPW Local/District/State/National                                              40     
II. Participation in and contribution to:                                                                          35            
a.  Local/District/State/National programs and activities,    
b.  Interest and support of legislative programs local, state and national
III. Participation in and contribution to Church/Civic Organizations/Other             15
IV. Character and success in her career                                                  10

There are 100 points total of which 75 will be awarded for BPW activities and participation and the remaining 25 points for other activities.  A list of past NIKE Award recipients may be found in Appendix I of this board book. 

Nominations must be postmarked no later than December 31.

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