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Scholarship Program

The LA Federation BPW scholarship fund originated as the Agnes Morris Education Loan Fund and is sponsored and funded by BPW/LA.  This scholarship is a continuing education scholarship for women, 25 years or older.  The recipient of this scholarship must be a BPW/LA member.  The scholarship can be used for an acceptable learning program from an accredited university, college, or technical college as well as proven coursework for license or career advancement.  The student must complete 6 or more hours per semester or quarter.  The check is issued jointly to the student and the school/institution.

BPW/LA Agnes Morris Education Scholarship Fund Rules

1. Download the scholarship application and fill it out.

2. The LO section on the scholarship application must be filled out and signed by the LO President and LO Treasurer. If the applicant is a member-at-large, the application must be signed by the State President and the State Treasurer (who also verifies membership).

3. The applicant must send a certified copy of transcripts from high school(s) if she has not attended schools of higher learning (technical college, online college/university, college, or university). If applicant has attended a school of higher learning (technical college, online college/university, college, university), transcripts from this institution(s) can be used in lieu of the high school transcripts.

4. The applicant must include scores from her school/college/university entrance exams on the scholarship application.

5. The applicant must attach or send three (3) letters of reference or recommendation from non-family members with the scholarship application.

6. All scholarship application paperwork is to be mailed to:

Linda D. Burns
1424 Evangeline Road
Glenmora, LA 71433

Phone: 318-748-7603

7. Applications and accompanying paperwork must be received by April 1st of each calendar year for the fall of that year.

8. Applications are reviewed at an Executive Committee Meeting by the Agnes Morris Education Scholarship Fund Chair, the Executive Board, and the District Directors (or their appointees). Scholarship recipients are announced at the June State Conference.

9. The scholarship fund check will be made out to the student and the school.

10. The scholarship recipient must furnish the name and address of the school in a timely manner.

11. Once the student starts school, she must show proof of attendance and she must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above for the prior semester/quarter before the next semester’s/quarter’s fee will be paid. Each semester’s grades should be furnished in a timely manner (sent by email as an attachment or mailed to the address above). If the student does not maintain a GPA of 20 or above per semester/quarter the scholarship is terminated.

12. The scholarship is for a 1-year period (and can be divided into semesters or quarters as needed) provided that the student remains in good standing with BPW/LA, shows proof of school attendance, maintains a GPA of 2.0 or above, and completes 6 or more hours per semester or quarter.

13. The student must complete 6 or more hours per semester or quarter. Failure to comply with this rule terminates the scholarship.

14. The student has 60 days from the end of the semester to resolve any incomplete coursework. Failure to comply with this rule terminates the scholarship.

15. Beginning with the 2013 scholarship, the scholarship award is $1,000 per year for two (2) semesters ($500 per semester). If the recipient attends a school that is on the quarter system, the scholarship award is $250 per quarter for four (4) quarters/one year.

16. A recipient may defer the start of the AMESF scholarship by one semester if circumstances prevent her from starting the scholarship in a timely manner. The AMESF chair must be notified.

18. If possible, an alternate AMESF recipient will be chosen for the scholarship period (if number of applicants allows this). The alternate would receive the scholarship award, if funds permit, in the event the existing recipient did not meet the requirements to continue the scholarship

Agnes Morris Scholarship.pdf

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